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True stories about the college experience as told by NEBRASKA students, professors and alumni. Learn some, laugh some, and smile a lot. These are the lessons you'll learn and experiences you'll have outside the classroom.

001 — Change the Way You Think About School

Rethink Your Role

College is not like high school. You’re not here to simply check off boxes for a diploma. Your college years are a time to test yourself, work hard, and achieve your goals. But, as Angela Mercurio found out, there is no set path to success. You have to forge your own. Read More

Rethink Professors

Pulitzer prize-winning NEBRASKA professor Matt Waite's thoughts on making the most of college, how to talk to professors, and Funkadelic. Read More

Rethink Yourself

Your time in college confronts you with many tough and important questions. Who am I? What do I want to do? Which pizza topping? Read More

Rethink Your Friends

As Alejandro Diaz found out with his fraternity, the unique bond between college friends is formed by shared experiences and great (sometimes crazy) stories. Read More